Hard Seltzers – What the Hell?

November 7, 2018

We at Hayden Beverage have been selling beer almost 50 years, and we have yet to see a phenomenon like Hard Seltzers.  This product (lower calories, crisp, refreshing, and light but with the alcohol level of a Bud, Coors, Corona, Heineken) did not exist two years ago.  Now, led by White Claw and Truly, these products are driving most of the growth in the beer business.  White Claw mixed-pack overtook Corona 12 pack as the number one selling high-end beer item in grocery stores.

In fact, Mike’s Hard Lemonade (who makes White Claw) and Boston Beer (who makes Truly) cannot match their production to the consumer demand.  As soon as a truck arrives, we ship it out to our customers, and then we are out again until the next truck arrives.

Strangely, this product seems to appeal to all demographics – white/non-white, male/ female, young/old.  For someone who studies the industry and tries to anticipate consumer preference, the question is why is this happening?  Is is because people’s tongues are tired from 10 years of IPA’s?  Are they La Croix fans that that want Lacroix with alcohol?  Do people want healthier drinks?  Is it because they are lighter and aren’t as filling… you tell us, comment below and let us know what you like most about your favorite hard seltzers